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Creating Your Own Private NPM Package in Azure DevOps

A few months back, I decided to put together an internal Vue UI kit that I could reuse for some of our client projects. We learned that we almost always used the same components with the same templating style, so it made sense to create our own package to keep it easy and reusable. We … Continued

Using the Vue CLI to add Vue.js to Existing ASP.Net Web Applications

Introduction In my recent blog post From Zero to Vue with ASP.NET Core Razor Pages in 10 Minutes, I showed how to quickly add Vue to a standalone razor page for a more dynamic/interactive experience. While this is great for either testing Vue out, or very simple/limited scenarios, what if you want to add more … Continued

From Zero to Vue with ASP.NET Core Razor Pages in Ten Minutes

Why Vue and Razor Pages As someone coming from the ASP.Net backend world, I’ve slowly been learning to work with front end frameworks. Our front end framework of choice is Vue, and I think it’s very well structured, especially for beginners. We’ve done SPAs (Single Page Applications) using Vue for the front-end, and ASP.Net Core … Continued

Building your first Vue.js App with ASP.NET Core 2 and Vuetify

Vue.js ( is a great front-end framework, especially for beginners. There are several single page application templates available from Microsoft through their “Microsoft.AspNetCore.SpaTemplates” package, including a template for Vue.js. This template works OK out of the box, but with a few small updates we can include some great material design components provided by Vuetify ( … Continued

Using ModelState for Validation with Vue.js in .Net Core 2

Controllers in .Net Core can keep track of the validation state of your models/view models through their ModelState property. While it’s very easy to do client-side validation in Vue js, server-side validation is a much stronger way to prevent data errors, and the built in ModelState capabilities provide this. Through a few steps and the … Continued