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We Don’t Write Unit Tests – Why (and How) Do We Start Now?

One of the most contentious and difficult topics in software development has to be the automated testing of code. This could be unit testing, integration testing, or end to end testing – there’s lots of different types. With near dogmatic levels of commitment to practices such as TDD, many disagreements about what is and what … Continued

Using the Vue CLI to add Vue.js to Existing ASP.Net Web Applications

Introduction In my recent blog post From Zero to Vue with ASP.NET Core Razor Pages in 10 Minutes, I showed how to quickly add Vue to a standalone razor page for a more dynamic/interactive experience. While this is great for either testing Vue out, or very simple/limited scenarios, what if you want to add more … Continued

Introducing SEK Dev Connect

Our second of two major computer science education initiatives launching this summer – SEK Dev Connect focuses on continuous education and networking opportunities for programming professionals in southeast Kansas. Over the past two years, we’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with many companies and developers in the southeast Kansas (SEK) area. Additionally, … Continued

Why Computer Science Education in Rural Communities Matters

With rural areas struggling, computer science education may be a part of the answer for re-invigorating our communities. At DevSquared, we want to be a leader in the region for these initiatives. Small town America is struggling. 73% of rural counties have more people move out than stay in[1], with an exodus of young people … Continued

From Zero to Vue with ASP.NET Core Razor Pages in Ten Minutes

Why Vue and Razor Pages As someone coming from the ASP.Net backend world, I’ve slowly been learning to work with front end frameworks. Our front end framework of choice is Vue, and I think it’s very well structured, especially for beginners. We’ve done SPAs (Single Page Applications) using Vue for the front-end, and ASP.Net Core … Continued

New Pluralsight Course!

I’m always trying to push myself to grow as a person and as a developer. Last year, one way that I chose to do that was to join Pluralsight as a content author. Yesterday, my first course – Integrating Google Maps into Xamarin.Forms Apps went live. I’ve been a teacher at Pittsburg State University for … Continued

Error Handling Content vs API Routes in ASP.Net Core 2.1

When working with ASP.Net Core web projects, I’ve often run into the situation where a site has both content pages and more interactive front end components that work with back-end API routes. In situations like this, it’s most appropriate for the content routes to forward to some kind of friendly error page if an error … Continued

Logging: A Developer’s Secret Weapon

Many years ago when I started my first job as a developer, one of the things that I noticed was that it was always difficult to solve an issue that our end users were having. Often, we’d try to replicate the problem, be unable to, and end up having to call the user and ask … Continued

Developers – Make Everything Idempotent

“Idempotent” – probably one of my favorite words. What does it mean? Oxford Dictionary: Denoting an element of a set which is unchanged in value when multiplied or otherwise operated on by itself. The definition above is a bit cryptic and reflects the origin of the word as it relates to mathematics. For developers, … Continued

Tips for Improving Entity Framework Core Performance with Azure SQL Databases

I’ve worked with Azure SQL databases for years, mostly from some flavor of Microsoft’s Entity Framework. These days, all of our new apps are using Entity Framework Core. Here are two small things that I’ve noticed people tend to forget over the years that can improve your app’s Entity Framework/Azure SQL experience. 1. Enable Connection … Continued