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Introducing SEK Dev Connect


Our second of two major computer science education initiatives launching this summer – SEK Dev Connect focuses on continuous education and networking opportunities for programming professionals in southeast Kansas.

We are excited to be holding the first SEK Dev Connect session on May 29th

Over the past two years, we’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with many companies and developers in the southeast Kansas (SEK) area. Additionally, we’ve had the opportunity to attend and speak at conferences and professional development events in the midwest. We want to bring some of the professional development and networking opportunities that you get from these types of experiences to SEK and make them accessible for any developer that works in the area.

To facilitate this, we’re launching SEK Dev Connect – a once-per-month lunch with a conference style talk on a topic that our regional developers care about. Lunch will be provided at these events free of charge, thanks to community sponsors, and developers will be able to suggest topics that they want to hear about. The topics will be presented by members of the local dev community – so if you’ve been wanting to start speaking at conferences or have a topic to share, this will be a fantastic opportunity to do so.

The first SEK Dev Connect will take place May 29th, and subsequent meetings will take place the last Wednesday of each month. Topics that will be presented will be listed on our website in advance here: /. You can also submit topic suggestions and contact us if you’d like to do a talk – just send us your proposal!

Even if a given topic isn’t in your focus area, we’d still highly encourage anyone who is interested to come out and have a chance to talk to other developers from around the region! We’d also encourage you to share this with any colleagues or other developers you know who might be interested.

We look forward to connecting with you at SEK Dev Connect next month!