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ElePass Now Enters Public Beta


In November, we started work on our first big idea as a software development group – to build a password manager tool designed for agencies and their workflow, ElePass. We spoke with several different agency leaders to understand what tools and processes were currently in use within their agencies and how to improve on those processes. We quickly realized that there are two key issues out there for agency leaders: (1) there isn’t an efficient way to store passwords within your team based on the current market of password managers out there and (2) it’s common for agencies to just store credentials wherever is most convenient to keep the project moving. This opened up a lot of opportunity for us to change that mindset and to improve the way agencies are handling security within their teams.

Today, we’re excited to announce that ElePass is now entering a public beta!

ElePass and Beta

With ElePass in beta, we are excited to work with agency leaders to better understand their agency workflows and build a solution that will keep them efficient. Starting today, anyone can join ElePass and adapt the solution to their business’ workflow. You will be able to:

  • Organize your clients in a way that naturally makes sense for an agency
  • Invite your entire team (including your contractors) and keep your credentials safe
  • Organize your users into “teams” to quickly share credentials with the right people and feel confident in your security
  • Keep a live audit of everything that goes on within your team, including who deletes a credential and views a credential
  • Use our Chrome extension to quickly fill in your credentials and not have to dig for that email again

During the beta, you will have unlimited access to ElePass – free of charge. You are encouraged to let us know of any features you want to see in ElePass, or any bugs that you come across.



Once the beta period is over, you will have continue to have free access to ElePass for up to 14 days before moving into your first plan. ElePass will be available to the first 50 agencies who sign up in the beta period at 50% off for your first 12 months. ElePass will be able for everyone else at $25/month. Unlike other password managers out there, you will have access to unlimited teams, unlimited users and unlimited credentials – we won’t penalize you for keeping your agency secure!

We are excited to share ElePass with everyone! Let us know in the comments what you think and if you have any questions.